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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the run start?

The Children’s Cancer Run site is open to the public from 9.00am.

If you are running the 3/5 mile route you will be allocated a run start time when you are sent your run number. Please stick to your allocated time to help us ensure the car parks and run course aren’t too busy at any time.

If you are running the Mini Mile you can start anytime between 9.45am and 12.30pm.

If you are running with a school you can check your school start time on our website or with your school. These are allocated from early May and will be between 9.45am and 12.30pm.

Are dogs allowed on the site?

Well behaved dogs on leads are welcome at the event but are not able to run the course.

Is the route suitable for pushchairs?

The Children’s Cancer Run is a cross country fun run with muddy terrain and some fairly substantial tree roots to navigate over and around. Please do not attempt to take a push chair around the 3 and 5 mile courses as you will get stuck. All-terrain buggies are permitted on the Mini Mile course but this route is also on uneven terrain in parts so please do so with caution.

Is the route suitable for wheelchairs?

Wheelchair users are able to take part in the Mini Mile run. Unfortunately due to the cross country terrain along the 3 and 5 mile courses it is not suitable for wheelchair users. If you are planning on taking part in the Mini Mile event in a wheelchair please ensure you let us know before the event by emailing us at

What are the age restrictions for the different routes?

We understand that children are capable of running 1, 3 and 5 miles at different ages so rather than restrict anyone from taking part in any of the routes we advise that parents or guardians decide themselves which course distance their child(ren) will be comfortable participating in. Points to consider are the uneven terrain of the 3 and 5 mile routes and the fact that the Children’s Cancer Run is a fun run and is not a timed race. We do advise though that children aged 11 years and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult around the 3 and 5 mile courses.

We also advise that children aged 16 years and under must be supervised by a responsible adult during the event.

Is there anywhere for people to watch the runners?

Spectators are welcome to watch the run at the Main Start, Mini Mile Start, along the final mile of the 3 and 5 mile runs and the Mini Mile course. We encourage spectators to line up along the barriers at the Finish straight to give all runners that final cheer of encouragement to get across the Finish line!

Will I get a t-shirt for running?

All child entries will receive a technical souvenir Children’s Cancer Run t-shirt within their entry fee. Please note that all children’s t-shirts are to be collected near the finish line on run day after completing your run. Due to feedback from runners over the past few years, NECCR are offering adults limited edition technical running t-shirts for a recommended donation amount of £10. All donations received for t-shirt orders will go to NECCR to help more children beat cancer.

School Runners:

If your child is running as part of a school and you have registered their entry before midnight on Tuesday 30th April they should receive their t-shirt before the event via their school. Please contact your school with any queries before getting in touch with the Children’s Cancer Run team as each school has their own way of distributing their t-shirts.

What is the best way to get there on run day?

Please see details on Travel and Parking

I can’t find where I register under a school

Scroll down the registration page until you see ‘Are you running for a school or running independently?’ Start typing your school’s name or start typing ‘Running on my own’ and it should automatically select the school name or Running on my own. If your school name does not appear please email us on as your school may not have registered yet.

Is there a minimum sponsorship amount?

No, please just raise what you can in sponsorship. NECCR are grateful for any amount of money that you can raise to help more children beat cancer.

Your JustGiving fundraising page is set at an automatic sponsorship target amount. This can be edited by you to whatever figure you think you would like to have as your target for sponsorship raised through taking part in the Children’s Cancer Run.

Remember that every penny you raise makes a difference.

What if I start the 5 mile run and don’t feel like I can complete it?

The 3 and 5 mile courses both start at the same point and cover the same route for the first 2 miles. All runners will reach a point at 2 miles where the courses split. If you get to this point and don’t feel like you can run another 3 miles on the day, you have the option to then complete the 3 mile route. This applies the other way too so if you start out on the 3 mile route and are feeling particularly energetic and decide to run the longer course, you can switch to the 5 mile route at the 2 mile mark.

What times do the Main Run and Mini Mile Run finish?

The final start time for both the 3 and 5 mile and the Mini Mile Run is at 12.30pm so please ensure you head to the appropriate start line by this time at the latest if you wish to run any of the 3 distances.

The event will come to a close at 2.30pm once the final runners have crossed the finish line and been able to enjoy the activities within the Event Village.

Where can Blue Badge Holders park?

Please make your way through either the West Gate or East Gate entrance to the racecourse and inform a marshal that you are a Blue Badge Holder. They will direct you to the nearest blue badge parking space available.

Do I have to register myself to run with my child?

If your child is running the Mini Mile you will receive one Accompanying Adult strip in with their run entry. If there are additional adults running the Mini Mile, or you would like to receive a run number, medal and Greggs snack pack at the finish, please complete an Adult entry. All adults taking part in the 3 or 5 mile course must register as an Adult entry in order to run the route.

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