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What’s the idea?

This year we have unfortunately had to cancel the Children’s Cancer Ride due to COVID-19

The Government has said that it is safe to cycle and so we’re encouraging our ride participants and supporters to get outside and do their own Ride for Research this June instead.

How do I do it?

It’s fairly easy – you just get on your bike and go for a ride!

It could be a family bike ride, a challenge that you’ve set yourself or a small group ride with friends. British Cycling have up to date guidance on best practice and considerations for cyclists here:

Do I need to fundraise?

Ideally yes! (And, we’ll give one of our NECCR buffs to anyone raising over £30)

Share your ride

When you do your ride, if possible use a sports tracker like Strava, or one on your phone, take some photos and share with us by email ( or tag us or message us on social media.


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