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40th Anniversary Challenges

This year we celebrate 40 years of fighting childhood cancer. Can you help to make a difference to children with cancer by taking on a special challenge to mark our 40th Anniversary year?

Here are some ideas below on how you can get involved. You could also ask your workplace to nominate us as their charity of the year, sign up for one of our fantastic events. Or ask some friends or family to take on one of the following challenges with you!

Set yourself a 40 challenge

  • Fast for 40 hours
  • Swim 40 lengths of the pool
  • Run 40km over four days
  • Do 40 laps of the running track in 40 different styles
  • Walk up 40 floors in a building
  • Read 40 books
  • Row 40km
  • Cycle 40km
  • Do a 40 hour sponsored silence
  • Give up alcohol for 40 days
  • Stay in bed for 40 hours
  • Visit 40 pubs
  • Make 40 cups of tea in a day
  • Make and sell 40 cupcakes
  • Have a movie marathon of films with 40 in the title, eg: The 40-year-old virgin, 40 first dates, 40 days and 40 nights
  • Visit a zoo and see 40 animals
  • Get 40 people to do the conga
  • Play 40 games of table football
  • Make and sell 40 Christmas cards
  • Do 40 sit-ups
  • Do 40 press ups every day for a week
  • Do 40 hours of gardening
  • Cook 40 new recipes
  • Learn a top 40 hit on the piano
  • Spend 40 mins helping at the hospital
  • Do 40 hours volunteering
  • Give up chocolate for 40 days over lent
  • Get 40 people to pledge £40

Whatever you choose to do we are here to help support you along the way. We can provide ideas, support and fundraising materials to make your 40th Anniversary challenge a success.

If you need any help please just get in touch with Jennie on

Ways to get involved in our 40th Anniversary Year

Join one of our events

You could join one of our organised events. We have some new events in the calendar for 2019!

View our events

Set up your own event

Check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas and fundraising top tips sections to help inspire you!

Get started

See our fundraising tips

Some hints and tips on making the most of your fundraising. Every penny makes a difference!

Take a look

Set your 40 Challenge now and email Jennie for support and materials.

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