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We all love payday so why not spread the joy a little and set up a regular donation to NECCR through payroll giving?

Giving a regular amount each month helps us to plan ahead and makes sure that we can use your donation in the most effective way possible. Your donation will fund research carried out at the Wolfson Childhood Cancer Research Centre in Newcastle, where a world class team of researchers are working to find less toxic and more effective treatments.

Payroll giving is really easy way to support us, and it’s also the most tax effective, because donations are deducted before you pay tax.

For example, if you donate £10, only £8 comes out of your salary. Or if you’re on a higher tax rate (40%), only £6 comes out of your salary. You can donate any amount to us and stop your donation whenever you like.


You can either complete this easy form and we will do the rest, or you can ask your employer directly about payroll giving.

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