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Join the Resolution2018 campaign!

Why not do something different for 2018 and set a Resolution for your company, family or as an individual to help more children beat cancer? Join Resolution2018 and set yourselves the goal of raising £2018 over the year to help us save more young lives.


We are here to support you.

As soon as you register for Resolution2018 we will send you a box of materials and information to get you started. This will include posters, balloons, collection tins, t-shirts, sponsor forms and much more.

If you need any support or ideas along the way please just get in touch with Janet on, we are here to help!

Ways to get involved in Resolution2018

Join one of our events

You could join one of our sponsored events to help

View our events

Set up your own event

Check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas and fundraising top tips sections to help inspire you!

Get started

See our fundraising tips

Some hints and tips on making the most of your fundraising. Every penny makes a difference!

Take a look

Set your Resolution now and email Janet with your details to take part.

Worried that £2018 is too much to raise? Set your own fundraising target and join Resolution2018

What difference will it make?  

£2018 could fund iAMP21 tests for four children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) to find  out if they need the most intensive treatment

Get started and download a sponsorship form

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