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Individualisation of treatment

NECCR has been researching ways to provide individual treatment to children with an aggressive type of brain cancer to ensure the final outcome is as positive as possible.

How our research is helping

Over the last 10 years the research team in Newcastle has been working on finding the biological features of a type of brain tumour, called medulloblastomas, the most common malignant brain tumour in children.

The outcome of children with the cancer can be difficult to predict with around 35% of children succumbing to the disease while many surviving patients suffer significant long-term side effects.

The childhood brain tumour programme at Newcastle University, with funding from the NECCR, aims to improve cure rates and the impact of side effects by measuring biomarkers of the cancer in the laboratory which has allowed doctors to predict the course of the disease more accurately.

The ultimate aim is to deliver individualised therapies to each child based on the biology of their tumour.

The findings are now the basis of worldwide clinical trials, which are testing for the first time whether the individualised treatment as a result of this process leads to improved outcomes.

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