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With the launch of the national 2.6 Challenge on Sunday 26th April, here is what some of the NECCR team are getting up to.

Carrie’s Challenge:

Carrie is cycling indoors at home on her turbo trainer doing 26 laps of a popular Zwift route which is 2.6 miles long… other members of her family are learning to say HELLO in 26 different languages and climbing 62 flights of stairs in 26 minutes!

Jennie’s Challenge:

Jennie has come up with so many challenge ideas for the whole family, including her dog Wiggins who has to complete 26 tennis ball catches! Jennie’s activities also include a 26 minute workout for her son Tom, trying to stop a digital stopwatch on 2.6 seconds (SO addictive!) and a family challenge to eat a digestive biscuit in 2.6 seconds … the possibilities are endless!

Take On Your Own 2.6 Challenge!

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